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Recruitment - Cape Breton Island

Whether it is outdoor adventure, historic visits, cultural events, there is always something going on in Cape Breton!

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality is the second largest municipality in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Located on the eastern side of Cape Breton Island, one of the most scenic islands in the world, the CBRM covers a total area of 2,470 square kilometers and currently has a population of 105,968 (2006 Census).

The CBRM is among the oldest regions in Canada. First inhabited by the Mi’kmaq people, who continue to be very important members of the Cape Breton society, Cape Breton was also one of the first areas of the North American continent to be explored by European adventurers.

The Fortress of Louisbourg, which is located in the southeastern part of the CBRM, is one of the foremost historic sites in Canada and it is testament to the important early role of Cape Breton in the settlement and development of North America. Whether it is breathtaking scenery or historic landmarks and exhibits or shopping or entertainment or business opportunities, all of the communities of the CBRM offer interesting and diverse experiences.

Ranging from a stroll along the harbour in the historic north-end of Sydney, which is the largest community in the CBRM, to a visit at the fossil center in Sydney Mines, to an exploration of the Miners’ Museum in Glace Bay, or a swim in the Atlantic Ocean at the magnificent sandy beach located in Dominion, there is really no end to the things to do and enjoy in the CBRM.

Our shopping is the best of city shopping and relaxed country drives while visiting artisans' studios. You can find hooked rugs or folk art in Cheticamp, leather works from Mi'kmaq artisans, or Celtic jewellery and artwork from local producers. Shopping ranges from the unique potter's home in rural areas to malls with more than 70 shops in Sydney.

To find out more, call Tourism Cape Breton, toll free at 1-800 565-9464 or go to www.cbisland.com.

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